Butterfly House

Are you facing a lung transplant away from home? The thoughts of a transplant in another city sometimes scares those at the opportunity of their second wind. One Breath at a Time, Inc. just reached one of our long term goals, the establishment of a Tampa Bay Lung Transplant Home. The “Butterfly House” will provide room and limited board for families during initial transplant evaluation, clinic visits, check ups, transplant episode, and post operative care.

Through countless hours of work and the charitable donations to our establishment, we have purchased a house which we call the “Butterfly House.” This house is approximately 5-7 minutes away from TGH. We hope to bring the opportunity of transplant and to assist our patients of the TGH Lung Transplant program in their endeavors for transplant.

Further information about the house can be found below in pictures. Additional information to see if you qualify for the house will be determined by an independent review.