Organ Donation

Organ Donation Basics . . .

LungsThere’s no greater love you can show your fellow man than to give the gift of life.  We can change the world of another person by planning in advance to give one or more organs when the time is right.  Organ, tissue and eye donors give others a renewed chance for a normal, healthy life at work and with their families and friends.

You probably have a lot of questions about organ donation.  That’s why the U.S. government set up a web site devoted entirely to organ transplantation. We’d like you to visit it at your convenience to learn as much as you can and to get your questions answered. Simply: Click Here for more detailed information.

To register as a donor in your state: Click Here and then click on your state to see just how simple it is to do.

Right now, thousands of lung transplant recipients around the nation are leading productive lives because someone like you took the time to learn more about and to consider organ donation and then signed up as a donor.

We appreciate you giving this consideration and hope, at least, you’ll learn more about the process of organ donation by visiting the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services site on the topic: Click Here

Organ Donation Quick Facts 

  • There are no age limits on who can donate deceased organs. There are age limits for living donation and tissue donation. The deciding factor on whether a person can donate is the person’s physical condition, not age. 

  • All major religions support donation and have provided statements for their members.


  • Every effort is made to save the patient’s life before donation can be considered. 

  • Donor families are not charged for the medical costs associated with organ and tissue donation. 

  • Donation surgery includes careful reconstruction of the body and should not interfere with funeral plans, including open-casket services. Most donations take place within 24 hours after death so funeral arrangements will not be delayed.


  • It is essential that your family members know of your wishes.  If an organ donor card has not been signed, the family will be asked to sign a consent form in order for donation to occur.

-Source:  LifeLink Foundation