Algusto Mexican Restaurant
912 W. Kennedy Blvd.813-250-3500
Fresh, traditional Mexican food
Lunch and dinner.  Average check, $12 range
Daily Eats
901 S. Howard Ave.813-868-3335
Salads, burgers, sweet potato fries, and, more
Lunch and dinner.  Average check, $10 range
Royal Palace Thai Restaurant
811 S. Howard Ave.813-258-5893
Assortment of Thai dishes, excellent!
Lunch and dinner.  Average check, $12 range
Seven 17 South
717 S. Howard Ave.813-250-1661
Variety of original gourmet soups, salads, entrees
Lunch and dinner  Average check, $14
Banana Joes – Margarita Mama’s
615 Channelside Dr.813-228-7300
Interesting Mexican and American fare
Lunch and dinner buffet.  Average check, $10
Starbucks Coffee Company
715 S. Howard Ave.813-250-9223
Coffees, Assorted Snacks, etc.
Early morning until late evening
The Lime
915 S. Howard Ave.813-868-5463 (LIME)
Tex-Mex and Brazilian influenced fare
Lunch and dinner.  Average check, $10
Hugo’s Spanish Restaurant
913 S. Howard Ave.813-251-2842
Spanish and American food
Lunch and dinner, not fancy, low prices
Star Ship II Dining Cruises
603 Channelside Drive813-223-7999
Various prices, $45 up to $80 for adults
Call for times/brunch, lunch, & dinner cruises
Estella’s Mexican Restaurant
209 E. Davis Blvd.813-251-0558
Standard and specialty Mexican
Lunch and dinner, casual.  Average check, $11
Rick’s Italian Café
214 E. Davis Blvd.813-253-3310
Variety of old Italian fare
Lunch and dinner.  Average check, $12
Grecian Island Restaurant
223 E. Davis Blvd.813-251-2222
Traditional Greek soups, sandwiches, & desserts
Breakfast and lunch. Average check, $8
Sally O’Neal’s Pizza Hotline
1319 S. Howard Ave.813-251-0220
Pizza, sandwiches, salads
Lunch and dinner. Open late.
Bella’s Italian Restaurant
1413 S. Howard Ave.813-254-3355
Wide variety of Italian dishes
Lunch and dinner.  Average check, $12
Colonnade Restaurant
3401 Bayshore Blvd.813-839-7558
Large menu, seafood, chicken, steak, etc.
Lunch and dinner.  Average check, $14
Bern’s Steak House
1208 S. Howard Ave.813-251-2421
Extensive variety, steaks, seafood, etc.
Dinner only – dress code.  Average check $45++
Panera Bread
709 S. Howard Ave.813-250-3500
Coffee, soda, baked desserts
Open morning until late evening. Prices vary.
Wine Exchange
1611 W. Swann Ave.813-254-9463
Variety of gourmet meals, also has patio seating
Lunch and dinner.  Average check, $12
Evos Fast Food
609 S. Howard Av.813-258-3867
Healthy burgers, wraps, salads, soups
Lunch and dinner.  Average check, $8
Bailey’s Catering and Restaurant
815 S. Rome Ave.813-254-8018
Limited gourmet menu, changes weekly
Tuesdays – Thursdays, 5:30-8:30pm
Chateau France Restaurant
516 S. Howard Ave.813-253-0042
Completely French cuisine.  Complimentary limo service.
Dinner only.  Average check, $50
MacDinton’s Irish Pub and Restaurant
405 S. Howard Ave.813-251-8999
Irish favorites, sandwiches, salads, etc.
Lunch and dinner.  Price vary widely.
T C Choy’s Asian Bistro
301 S. Howard Ave.813-251-1191
Variety of Asian favorites plus sushi bar
Lunch and dinner.  Average check, $15
Restaurant BT
1633 W. Snow Ave.813-258-1916
Asian fare, noodle dishes, seafood
Lunch and dinner. Average check, $35
Deck Pizza and Pub
2002 W. Platt St.813-250-1525
Pizza, pasta, Italian Sandwiches
Lunch and dinner.   Reasonable prices.
Nature’s Table Café
1622 Snow Ave.813-254-9288
Healthy soups, sandwiches, wraps
Lunch and early dinner.   Reasonable prices.
Timpano Italian Chop House
1610 W. Swann Ave.813-254-5870
Wide variety of unusual seafood, chicken, steak.
Average check, $25.
Mise En Place
442 W. Kennedy Blvd.813-254-5373
Extraordinary European entrée’s, salads, desserts
Lunch and Dinner.  Average check, $25
Café European
113 S. Hyde Park Ave.813-254-9458
English fare, very casual, nothing fancy
Lunch and dinner.  Average check, $14
Dine One One – Restaurant Delivery Service

Have your food brought to you: If you’d like to have food delivered from a selected restaurant to your local accommodations for a reasonable charge, click here: You can view a number of restaurant menus. Once you’ve made your selection, call: DINE ONE ONE, 813-870-3663, and give them your order and credit card information. Their driver will pick up your food from the restaurant(s) you select and deliver them straight to you.